Technical Research Lab

In TSG, in order to bring up technology and a person, the Technical Research Lab is prepared aiming at exploitation of new technology, and the deployment to a new field.

Developed Products

  • Electrical Vehicle

  • We have tried to buid for experience the Power-Train and Power-Electronics experience.

    Base Vehicle : Nissan otti

    • Detail Coming soon!!

  • Non-touch Operation Audio (Thin type)

  • 1) Modified from BOX type
    2) LCD status display
    3) Internal speaker
    4) Expandable operation with selectable motion sensor sensibility
  • Non-touch Operation Audio (Box type)

  • 1) Operable with sensing motion (non-touch) - Capacitive sensor technology
    2) To the present conditions of the mobile memory spread, I cope with the music reproduction from USB memory /SD card
    3) External speaker(Internal class-D Amplifier)

  • OEL Display

The organic electroluminescence display developed "organic electroluminescence with the goal of the technical acquisition by the adoption of the new element part".

  • 4.3inch OEL Panel
  • ipod-nano connection
  • Class-D amplifier
  • Details

  • Rear Display with Auto Pan Function

Rear display was developed with the goal of "monitor movable machine structure, the technical acquisition of the sensor".

  • Full automatic(Monitor)
  • Full turn (Monitor)
  • Auto pan(Facial recognition)
  • Details

  • Portable 1seg TV

1seg TV was developed with the goal of "the acquisition of the 1seg TV applied technology".

  • 3.6" TFT Panel
  • Capacitive touch sensor
  • Bluetooth headphone
  • Li-ion Battery
  • Details

  • Radio Reception Evaluation

This alaysis system was developed to perform the radio reception performance evaluation quantitatively instead of sensual evaluation.


Current Radio reception performance evaluation system is based on the subjective of a test engineer and high cost.
The subjective evaluation result lacks quantitative grounds.
TSG reduced the time that an evaluation took and developed the objectivity-related evaluation method to improve precision.
Even the person except the engineer can perform data collection by using the software which I self-developed in us, and the collected data are analyzed in an office and can get a quantitative evaluation result.

  • Set the reception state to become the absolute standard and compare the evaluation object with data
  • Record the reception state of a radio targeted for an evaluation by digital recording
  • Analyze the reception data of a radio targeted for a standard radio and an evaluation with a computer
  • The feedback that is appropriate by data and the accumulation of the analysis result in the development spot